SonicCELL™ is a revolutionary rapid software development tool that provides the building blocks for wiring components to create custom programs for distributed systems. 

It uses a visual data-flow paradigm as a high level programming environment and enables developers to drag & drop any software code blocks and/or functional elements into the SonicCELL™ and instantly test and verify the output.

SonicCELL™ is optimized for developing Internet of Things IoT and IOTA® Distributed Ledger Technology Applications by integration of IOTA Components, such as Masked Authenticated Messaging and others.

SonicCELL™ allow developers to create components by importing jar libraries or java classes. No framework needs to be learned when using it for regular purposes. 

SonicCELL™ literally provides capabilities to draw your application visually onto a canvas. Just drag a component to the drawing canvas, wire it to the other components in the diagram and then hit the “Run” button. That’s it.

SonicCELL™ takes advantage of your current device resources and strings them together to create a virtual computer. It enables multicore edge-computing and distributed computing.

SonicCELL™ is a project by SonicMESSENGER  we decided to create a free SonicCELL™ OpenSource version with all  the communication components that we have developed over the time built-in.

The current state of SonicCELL™ allows to create IoT and IOTA DLT applications right away. We encourage developers to join our community and to learn more about the endless capabilities SonicCELL™ is offering.

We are just at the beginning of this journey and we have bolt plans to grow the community and SonicCELL’s capabilities. Donations that would help us getting there faster are greatly appreciated and welcomed.

Our IOTA Address for donations is:



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