About us

SonicCELL™ is a product developed by SonicMESSENGER LLC, a US-based technology company with its roots in device-to-device communications using inaudible sound.

We have strong focus on building real-life applications that makes everyone’s digital & mobile life easier and more fun. We are aiming to change how we communicate, interact, identify and with businesses and people in general.

SonicCELL™ is OpenSource to helping to grow the Software Developer Community in the IoT and DLT space. 


We want to encourage developers to use the SonicCELL for their projects. We are adding components and containers to it on a frequent basis, thus enhancing the capabilities of what you can do with the SonicCELL.

Join our Discord Channel

You can always contact us with questions and how-to's about SonicCELL. The best way to stay updated and connected is to join our Discord Channel!


We are working on video tutorials on how to best use SonicCELL. We are going to add content frequently.

So stay tuned!

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